We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
“I myself find any email system are the same, but there are two advantages Mailpanda made me to decide to use Mailpanda other than any systems. It is sending bulk email and the customer advisors are experienced and enthusiastic.”
Nguyen Si Phuoc Hoang
Piano Fingers Company
“I'm using package January 3 dong/ email and preparingto sign the 6- month package. It is cheap and supports 100,000 data.Thanks to the staff for advice about campaign , content, design, the efficiency increases significantly and business performance is also very promising.”
Nguyen Hoang Kha
Vinh Tuong Son Co., Ltd
“Stable system, I enjoyed the feature that measure the opening number of customers and exported files for the next care . Sales results have increased significantly since the use of effective tools of email marketing and marketing strategy.”
Bui Quoc Huy
Naga Global Co., Ltd
“We use email marketing to take care of customers weekly, mailpanda has more diverse service packages, so I could easily choose a suitable package with good price. Result of the campaign has a high opening rates and conversion rates.”
Nguyen Hoang Hiep
The Cinema Company
“Mailpanda brings good effect in the business. It is simple, easy to carry out, do not take much effort. I used verifying email package for better results and the results are very positive.”
Huynh Thanh Sang
Fansipan Consulting and constructing Ltd Company
“Company's orientation focusing on B2B email marketing is an effective means for this orientation. I used many multiple systems and email softwares. Mailpanda system is easy to use, to send unlimited number of emails and cheap, especially packages 1D / email. Under a business perspective, we need to optimize costs, Mailpanda helps us minimize the cost of email marketing.”
Hoang Thi Le Tran
Trieu Phat Co., Ltd
“JD is a creative, professional and enthusiastic team that has helped us in making Pepper Lunch brand more popular. The Marketing campaigns are very effective. Opening event is very interesting and fanpage is always managed with lovely designs and content.”
Benjamin Chng
Pepper Lunch Restaurant
“As an entertainment company, I do not think that email marketing will be effective for this area, but I've changed my mind after signing up for a free trial from Mailpanda. I just sent out 3,000 emails but the result made me suprised. It is a clear system, easy to use and reports the results in detail. I'm planning to bring email marketing to the in the company's upcoming campaign.”
Do Thanh Tam
TZM Entertainment Company
“I have used the services of MailPanda been 3 months and feel very satisfied. Since my using, my sales have increased by 20%. The support staff are also very enthusiastic. MailPanda also guide me to use the service the first time and follow the progress of my use. After the contract expired, I will continue to extend it.”
Pham Ngoc Bao
Wonav Shareholding Company
“In Singapore, the cost of building the ecommerce website is very expensive. With a low budget, we decided to outsource from JD Creative Vietnam. We were really surprised because of reasonable costs, good operating website and full functions for online purchase. We will definitely continue to work with JD Creative in upcoming website projects.”
“Specializing in wedding planning, we are very attentive to detail and perfection. I had thought it would be very difficult and time consuming to create 1 website strictly suiting own needs. When we worked with JD Creative, professional and fast workflow makes us satisfy with the services of the company. We wish JD Creative  prosperous and successful.”
“With mobile trends, our restaurant also wants to build one phone applications for our customers. JD Creative helped us design and program a perfect application for our restaurant with outstanding functions and low costs.”